Smart Manufacturing Plant

Austin's plant grew from one floor, on building to one industrial park.

Austin: one floor

On Dec. 20, 2010, Jiangsu Austin Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Jiangsu Austin) established in Jingang Technology Centre of Nanjing Qixia District, which focuses on the manufacturing and sales of display, touch control, interconnected & display solutions related with LCD. Holding plant of 3500 square meters, 4 assembly lines: 2 lines of OLB , 2 lines of module assembly, which can manufacture 18.5” to 32” display products.
Display equipment
[ Automatic OLB line ]
4 assembly lines for 18.5”-32”of Shibaura, Hitachi, etc.
[ Backend equipment ]
14”-80”repairing Equipment/ RX laser correction machine/ polarizer affixing & dilacerations equipment
Touch control equipment
[ Automatic OLB line ]

Atom Technology: one building

In May 2016, Nanjing Atom Technology Development Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned subsidiary) established.
Nanjing Atom is located in Jiangbei District Smart Industry Park, with 8888 square meters plant. The factory has successively put into operation four 7-inch to 27-inch photoelectric production lines with annual production capability 300 million sets, while 4 smart display terminal assembly lines with 200 million sets per year. Recently another 2 assembly lines for 45” to 70” will be invested with 800 k sets per year. The total assembly lines will be 10.

Ausheet: one industrial park

On Jan. 6, 2019, Sichuan Ausheet Electronic Material Co., Ltd. (Wholly-owned subsidiary) put into production. It locates in the industrial concentration district of Westsouth Airport Economic Development Zone, Chengdu Shuangliu district, which is the core area of Chengdu Liquid Crystal Valley, with 50 acre area, project area 55000 square meters. Total investment RMB100 million. Supply the polarizer to Chengdu CEC Panda G8.6 LCD panel project and back-end produce and sales of other LCD membrane material. Act as one of the suppliers of CEC Panda G8.6 project.

Ausheet's dust-free plant reaches 12000 square meters, is high automatic with robots in many stations of assembly line. Adopting MES system to take charge of workshop production management and schedule. With strong data collection engine to integrate data collection channels, covering the entire manufacturing area to guarantee the mass data to be collected accurately, comprehensively and on time. WIP monitor producing situation; Knowing the production information any time and any where through WEB browser. Can get the production situation, technical data inspection without being to workshop; generating report forms automatically, automatic data collecting, quality information traceable. Ausheet products’ interactive rate and yield are on the leading level in the industry.

In the future: Luzhou Aozhi is under preparation …..expecting