Ostin Debuted With "Photo Frame" Screen In The 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022)

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially kicked off on January 5, 2022. As one of the world's largest events in consumer technology industry, CES has been the grand opening of the years in technology field since 1967. At CES, thousands of technology products made their debut, covering fields such as artificial intelligence, automotive technology, digital health, smart home, etc. At the same time, many innovative technologies that can improve the world also meet with the public.

The exhibition attracted more than 2,200 exhibitors offline and displayed many innovative achievements. As a company dedicated to the optoelectronics industry and covering the upstream and downstream of the industry chain of screen, including LCD-related display products, Ostin Technology also brought a number of "futuristic technology" to a low-profile appearance this year. Let's take a look at these products.



When it comes to photo walls, many families have them in their homes, but the traditional photo frames have obvious disadvantages. They are easy to  be yellowing, which will affect the appearance the long run, and it is very troublesome to replace photos, and the number is limited. Is it possible to develop a photo frame that can display a large number of photos that will not  be yellowing and worn?

Ostin Technology made this possibility a reality, launching a "picture frame" that can display photos with continuous power supply.

The high-valued product "Photo Frame" has won the attention of many customers with its textured outer frame and changeable shape. In terms of appearance, this is a photo wall composed of multiple small FHD screens with a resolution of 1929*1200 through different arrangements and combinations. These small screens are attached to a large whiteboard and obtain electricity from the whiteboard. Wireless charging and wireless transmission are its highlights, which are widely used in products loop broadcast, daily main products introductions, art galleries and other places.

Wireless Power Supply

The technology of wireless power supply is now mostly used in mobile phones, and it is rarer to use it for screens, making it a major feature of ‘Photo Frame’. This power supply method requires a coil to be installed in the screen and the power supply whiteboard. When the power is turned on, the coil in the whiteboard will generate alternating current. At this time, if the screen is close to the whiteboard, it will generate electromagnetic induction with the coil inside the screen and it will start to work to convert the electromagnetic energy to electrical energy, and then electrical energy will be converted into direct current through the device to complete the power supply of the screen. The placement of the screen on the whiteboard is free to move, but it needs to be near the wireless powered marker. This method does not need to consider the power of the socket, saves consumables and is not limited by wires, which brings great convenience!

Wireless Transmission

The WIFI router is built into the whiteboard, and supports WIFI6 wireless transmission. It is equipped with American BroadCom series chips at a rate of 1.2Gbps under 5.0GHz. Without a data cable, you can control the screen through your mobile devices, and change photos anytime, anywhere.


In addition to this new photo wall product, Ostin Technology also exhibited a series of flagship products such as advertising machines, transparent screens and monitors.

With the advancement of science and technology and the advent of the era of information and networking, the general trend of future development of advertising machines are high-definition, networking, refined content, interaction and intelligence. Ostin's advertising machine is divided into two types: wall-mounted and standalone. The online version can be remotely controlled, intelligent screen split, and can be switched between horizontal and vertical. The touch version can also support ten-finger touch. It is suitable for shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, and rail transit, and many other fields.

LCD transparent screen is a new media concept, which refers to the wall-mounted LCD advertising machine. The transparent screen developed by Ostin Technology not only supports TV input, HDMI, USB, PC-RGB, headphone output, AV video and audio Input, you can also input the broadcast program information through USB, inserting TF card, the online version can also be controlled remotely.

In addition, Ostin Technology has also introduced a new, self-developed first-generation all-in-one VR machine - YVR DK1, equipped with a self-developed 6DoF tracking system, which is currently the leading VR product that can benchmark the Meta Quest series in China. "With strong performance support, aiming user's great experience as the core starting point", the YVR team is actively developing all-in-one VR hardware, software platforms, and social tools, and is committed to empowering VR social entertainment.

In the future, Ostin Technology's research and technical personnel will further strengthen technical reserves, promote foreign cooperation, and launch more technologies and products to the market one after another. We believe in 2022, which is full of changes and opportunities, Ostin will continue its ingenuity and endow product with more technologies and aesthetics, to show consumers the extraordinary strength of Chinese enterprises' technological innovation.

Publication Date:2022.1.28