Industry Broadcasting | Looking back on December, looking forward to 2022


The new 31.5''AIO model is delivered successfully.

The order for new industrial control high-speed rail screen doors has been completed, and W Company's vehicle-mounted 10.25''products are in heavy volume.

The VR products have entered the harvest period, and transactions are active. Monthly sale exceeded $1 million for the first time.


NATD Nanjing Aoting

Sales achievement rate: 104%

Delivery rate: 100%。

SAEM Sichuan Ausheet

POL:Quality: 99.92%。

O C:Quality: 99.81%。

LAGD Luzhou Aozhi

POL:Quality: 97.7%。

Bonding:Quality: 96.9%。


New Year’s Eve Tea Party

Ostin Technology is celebrating New Year with all staffs, happy new year!


Annual Performance Appraisal Meeting

All employees participate in the report one by one according to their rank, and use the method of mutual evaluation of employees to assess various indicators and scores, so as to determine the basis for year-end awards, outstanding employee bonuses, and outstanding cadre awards.


Publication Date:2022.1.29